Digital World

A technology company with scalable growth

The customer

Digital World is a leading technology company in Uruguay that has experienced scalable growth in a highly competitive market.

We are proud to present its story as a success story in the field of laptop parts and electric mobility, both retail and wholesale.

This company has stood out for its commitment to innovation and its ability to overcome challenges.

The challenge

In a market characterized by resistance to change, Digital World faced the challenge of increasing sales and highlighting its innovative products.

With a wide range of products and scattered communication, the company needed to unify its message and effectively reach its online audience.

At the same time, in recent years, they have entered a very green world for the region: the sale of electric mobility.

The goal was clear: to expand their presence in the digital market and become a reference in technology in Uruguay.

The results

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People impacted
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Return on advertising investment

Together we achieved:

  • 38% of total sales have some digital origin
  • 81% increase in sales compared to the previous year
  • Return on Advertising Investment (ROAS) greater than 16.

The strategy

Digital World embarked on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve this ambitious goal. It focused on using social media ads and Google Shopping, two key channels to reach its audience.

In addition, the company recognized the importance of strategic partnerships and decided to collaborate with influencers in the technology space.

This strategy allowed Digital World to increase its sales, consolidate its online presence, and unify its brand message.

The focus on innovation and product quality, combined with an effective digital marketing strategy, has made Digital World a success story in Montevideo’s competitive technology market.

Its story demonstrates that any company can achieve scalable growth in a challenging environment with vision, strategy and determination.

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