The Privacy Policy of this website has been made through Sebastián Cardozo who lives in Duvimioso Terra 2288, Montevideo, Uruguay and who attaches this document in order to maintain the security and privacy of the information collected from our users, customers and subscribers of

The Privacy Policy set forth in this website clarifies that all information capable of identifying our users is used merely for the purpose of sending newsletters or special promotions with prior authorization from our users.

All contact information of our customers and users may be used simply for advertising campaigns that will send information to the services through advertising messages such as promotions, or that simply can add some value or interest to our partners.

This website and everything communicated through it offers the cancellation of the sending of messages and such request will be honored at the time.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES does this website disclose or market personal information or cadastral data of its customers and users to third parties.

With whom do I communicate the data?

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  • Hotjar
  • Siteground
  • Auttomatic (WordPress)

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Sincerely, Sebastián Cardozo and Sebastián Álvarez.