Meet Ranker


We started as entrepreneurs, each on our own. We got together, and today, we are one of Uruguay’s most complete digital marketing agencies.

It all started with our passion for digital marketing. Some loved creating social network ads and managing advertising for various clients.

Others focused on positioning websites on Google and generating traffic and revenue through SEO.

Our commitment to learning about our clients’ industries and companies makes us stand out.

We believe that it is essential to treat our customers as if they were part of our family and that they always feel the same way.

We involve the whole company behind our clients so that we all go in the same direction.

Our main goal is to grow the digital reputation of companies and generate more and more online sales.

Luckily, we are achieving it and will not stop learning, improving and providing the most complete service.

Our dream team


Sebastian Álvarez

The best digital marketing teacher in Uruguay, according to his ORT students. His Google Calendar is his best friend.


Sebastián Cardozo

Creator of many, many websites, of many, many projects and compulsive spender of many, many marketing tools.


Andrea Campoy

Graduated in Art and Graphic Design, lover of studying (yes, we think it’s weird too) and drinking tea at all hours of the day.


Diego de León

Fanatic of Defensor Sporting, keyword research and positioning websites in Google as fast as possible.


Gus Lozada

Creative writer, photographer and content creator. He is Bolivia’s unofficial ambassador in Uruguay. Victim of infinite scroll.


Romina Cohen

Graphic designer; in her free time, she likes to play with the pen in Illustrator, play music, and watch TV series. Fan of everything with Oreo.


Renzo Battaglia

Fanatic of Barcelona FC and of making clients get better results with their digital campaigns.


Ma. Eugenia Dupont

The one that prevents the company from losing its head in administrative and organizational terms.


Erika Dutra

Our most crucial contributor on social media and Instagram management. She loves to read and hates not reading.


Daniela Ortíz

Obsessed with branding and brand identity. Expert in smiling and eating pasta.


Gonzalo Rocha

Our creative collaborator. Coffee, music and cloudy days lover. Creator of audiovisual content.

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