Samma Karuna

Yoga, Breathwork and Tantra in Thailand, but impacting hearts around the world

The customer

Samma Karuna is an oasis of spirituality and wellness located in the beautiful surroundings of Thailand.

This unique hotel has captured the hearts of people worldwide with its Yoga, Tantra and breathwork offerings.

Beyond being a place of retreat, Samma Karuna has become a beacon of personal transformation and spiritual growth for travelers seeking authentic and enriching experiences.

In this success story, we will explore how Samma Karuna faced the challenge of increasing its sales and reaching an international audience in countries such as the United States, Germany, and Italy while controlling advertising costs.

The challenge

Despite its appeal and the quality of its services, Samma Karuna faced a growing challenge: fierce competition in the wellness and spirituality industry.

Its primary source of revenue, Google ads, became increasingly expensive due to global competition.

Samma Karuna targeted clients in highly competitive markets such as the United States, Germany and Italy, which exacerbated the problem.

The key challenge was to find a way to scale sales and acquire new customers without significantly increasing customer acquisition costs.


$ 0 K+
Average monthly online billing
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Return on advertising investment

Together we achieved:

  • More than 2 million hits per month
  • 45% increase compared to the previous year
  • Return on Advertising Investment (ROAS) greater than 7.
  • Peak billings of USD 80,000 per month

The strategy

The key to success was a solid long-term strategy and fine-tuning details daily.

  • Website optimization with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): We used CRO techniques to analyze visitor behaviour, identify friction points and make adjustments to navigation, layout and calls to action. This improved the user experience and increased the conversion rate, meaning more visitors became customers.
  • Daily optimization on Google Ads: To keep advertising costs under control, we assigned a dedicated team for the daily optimization of their Google Ads campaigns. This involved constant monitoring of key metrics, such as cost per click (CPC), CTR and conversion rate, to adjust keywords and ads for each service.
  • Strategizing with new digital marketing techniques: Samma Karuna stayed at the forefront of digital trends and explored new and exciting techniques in digital marketing.

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