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The customer

The startup VICO was founded in 2018 in Medellin, Colombia, by two German entrepreneurs with a clear vision: to help students and young professionals find furnished housing more easily and efficiently.

What started as an innovative idea has become a growing company that has brought together an international team passionate about helping people come to new cities.

VICO’s mission is to create the world’s largest cross-cultural living community by providing housing solutions that make it easier for people to adapt to their new environment.

The challenge

One of the key challenges VICO faced was improving its search engine rankings in Colombia.

They wanted to appear in the top positions of search results for queries related to shared housing services in the country.

This was essential to reach potential clients looking for this type of service, as competition in this market was high and online visibility was crucial to the company’s success.

The results

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Keywords in the top 10

Together we achieved:

  • Domain Rating grew 6 points
  • Benchmark domains grew by more than 120
  • Organic keywords increased enormously x7
  • Organic traffic also increased x12

The strategy

To address this challenge, we implemented a robust, multidimensional strategy:

  • Relevant Content Creation: The company focused on consistently creating high-quality content related to the shared housing market in Colombia. This included informative articles, how-to guides, tips for tenants and landlords, and other valuable resources. The goal was not only to improve its online presence but also to provide value to its audience.
  • Understanding Search Intent: We conducted extensive research to understand the search intent of their potential customers. They identified the keywords and phrases they used to search for shared housing services and tailored their content to meet those needs.
  • Local Optimization by City: Since the shared housing market can vary significantly from city to city, VICO customized its strategies for each major location in Colombia. This ensured that its online presence was relevant and practical throughout the country.
  • Website Technical Optimization: Special attention was paid to the technical aspects of the website, such as loading speed, mobile-friendly navigation and URL structure. Technical optimization contributed to a better user experience and search engine ranking.

With this comprehensive strategy, VICO significantly improved its SEO positioning in Colombia, attracting more potential clients and establishing itself as a leader in the furnished housing market in the country.

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