Loop Studio

Staff Augmentation and more services for large US and European companies

The customer

Loop Studio is a leading Uruguayan software developer with a global focus.

Its commitment is to create innovative technology solutions for companies worldwide, leveraging a diverse team of highly skilled professionals.

The challenge

Loop Studio faced a formidable challenge: positioning its new website in a highly competitive market, specifically in the United States.

The keywords they wanted to target were extremely hotly contested, requiring a solid, long-term strategy to stand out in the U.S. market.

The results

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Increased monthly organic traffic
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Monthly organic impressions

Together we achieved:

  • Organic clicks on Google were multiplied by 8.

  • Impressions multiplied by 15 times

  • The average position increased by 3 places, with many more keywords.

The strategy

To overcome this challenge, we implemented a comprehensive strategy that addressed both the technical and content aspects of their website.

  • Solid Long-Term Strategy: Rather than looking for quick fixes, we opted for a long-term strategy that aligned with the needs of their customers in the U.S. market. This long-term vision allowed them to build a solid foundation for continued success.
  • In-depth Long Tail Keyword Analysis: Instead of focusing only on highly competitive keywords, we conducted an in-depth analysis of long tail keywords. This allowed them to find less competitive but equally relevant niches for their business.
  • Optimization of Technical Site Adjustments: Significant resources were dedicated to the technical optimization of the website. This included improvements in loading speed, navigability and user experience, crucial factors for SEO.
  • Site Conversion Rate Optimization: Loop Studio also focused on improving the conversion rate of their website. This involved optimizing calls to action, contact forms and other elements that incentivized visitors to take action.
  • Optimized Content Creation: High-quality, relevant content was generated for its target audience in the United States. This included not only blogs and articles, but also resources such as videos and guides that provided value to visitors.

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