Ellas & Ellas

Apparel for all sizes, with a lifetime of loyalty.

The customer

Ellas & Ellas stands out in the women’s apparel market for its commitment to size diversity.

From size M to 7XL, including plus sizes, the company offers various clothing options at affordable prices in Uruguay.

Its primary focus is on women’s jackets, t-shirts and garments in general designed especially for special sizes.

The challenge

Despite its success in the local market, Ellas & Ellas faced a significant challenge: not relying solely on its physical store on Avenida 8 de Octubre.

The company wanted to expand its reach and reach a wider public, taking advantage of the potential of online commerce.

The results

Return on advertising investment
0 %
Conversion rate on message

Together we achieved:

  • +14,000 messages received in 12 months
  • 0.4 USD average cost per message
  • Return on Advertising Investment (ROAS) greater than 25.
  • 20% on-message sales conversion rate

The strategy

Ellas & Ellas’s strategy to address this challenge was using social media ads with a twist: homemade videos that deeply humanized the brand.

Recognizing that authenticity and emotional connection are keys in the digital world, the company shares its story and values authentically through videos.

These homemade videos highlighted the real women who were part of the Ellas & Ellas team, showcasing their commitment and passion for inclusive fashion.

They also featured satisfied customers sharing their experiences finding clothes that matched their sizes and needs perfectly.

The strategy focused not only on promoting products but on building an online community of women who supported each other in their quest for confidence and authenticity through fashion.

These videos highlighted Ellas& Ellas garments and the philosophy behind the brand: empowering women to feel confident and beautiful just as they are.

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