El Terruño Fraccionamientos

Transforming Land into Opportunities: The Rise of Urban Investments in Uruguay

Fraccionamientos El Terruño redefines the concept of investment in urban developments in Uruguay. Through innovative digital strategies, it has boosted sales and consolidated its leadership position, even in challenging times.

venta de terrenos el terruño

The customer

Fraccionamientos El Terruño is a prestigious company in Uruguay that offers land in departments such as Rivera, Tacuarembó and Colonia as a valuable investment opportunity in urban developments.

Their commercial team specialises in providing comprehensive advice, both by telephone and in person, to all potential investors.

The challenge

The arrival of the pandemic represented an unprecedented scenario for Fraccionamientos El Terruño.

The brand faced the challenge of making sales in an uncertain environment. Its main objective was to attract interested parties online and increase the volume of land sold.

Despite a limited budget for online advertising, the company wanted to not only stay in the market but also obtain tangible results quickly.

The results

$ 0 K+
Gross sales
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Registered potential customers

Together we achieved:

  • The successful sale of 21 plots of land.
  • Turnover amounted to USD 420,000.
  • An impressive return on advertising investment (ROAS) of 40 percent.
  • Generation of 6,000 qualified leads.
  • An efficient investment of only 2.8 USD per SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

Under our advertising management, Fraccionamientos El Terruño achieved surprising results amid an adverse situation.

The sale of 21 plots of land represented a remarkable influx of customers and culminated in an outstanding turnover of USD 420,000. This figure, backed by an impressive Return on Advertising Investment (ROAS) of 40 percent, is evidence of the campaign’s effectiveness.

In addition, the generation of 6,000 qualified leads indicated the growing interest in El Terruño’s proposal, all with an efficient and well-targeted investment of only 2.8 USD per SQL (Sales Qualified Lead).

These numbers validate the strategy’s direct impact and augur a promising future for Fraccionamientos El Terruño in the Uruguayan market.

The strategy

The key to success was based on the strategy designed.

Focused on understanding the needs and behaviors of the Uruguayan consumer, social media ads were implemented with creatives strategically designed to capture attention and interest.

These ads not only reflected El Terruño’s value proposition, but also resonated with the values and aspirations of its target audience, converting interest into concrete sales.

Finally, the strategy that generated the highest quality results was the implementation of very specific Google Ads, where the volume was low, but the sales rate was higher than average.

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